When Life Gives You Limes...Make Limemade Oreos

In the last 7 years or so, Limemade has seemingly made a splash in the beverage world. For awhile this concoction was seen on few menus and almost overnight it became a sensation. I definitely wouldn't say it's become a summer staple like s'mores, but to some it's a sign of warmer weather. 

Oreo decided to create a cookie flavor to represent this slice of summer. My cousin brought this flavor to my attention, okay she excitedly posted it to my Facebook wall, but I was beginning my month of many travels (my life is hard, I know). I'm not sure if these never made it to my area, but when I returned at the end of the month they were nowhere to be found. She came to my sweet-tooth rescue, kept a watchful eye and sent me a package when she found them. Without this unbelievably kind gesture, I would not be trying these tonight. Thank you, again :)

Testing Time!!

Initial Thought of Smell: No lime comes through, just cookie. Come on, Nabisco...I hope this isn't a sign of things to come

Entire Cookie as Bites: Small bite they're not too POW in your face lime. Once you take a bigger bite, your taste buds are slammed with the vibrant taste of lime. This lime flavor is easily compared to the taste of lime Kool-Aid and brings back memories of being a kid and sharing with the other kids on Addison Street.

Half Cookie: Small bite is equivalent to bigger bite of full cookie. Bigger bite and it makes you cringe like you're sucking on a lime...tree. I don't see myself doing that again. Holy moly...

Creme Only: This.Is.Brutal. I'm not sure if I'm just a giant baby about sour stuff, but what just happened? All I taste is...nothing...and I feel like I just started eating a Warhead. That taste of nothing but sour, no fruit.  Oh wow. 

Entire Cookie at Once: You don't seem to taste any of the lime until the very end. There is just so much cookie that it overpowers everything else. But once the flavor comes through...it's there...to kick you in the face and stay. If everyone were piggies like me, I would say Nabisco should have added a touch more lime. 

Overall: These are rather tasty. I would not recommend eating the entire cookie in one bite (you're welcome, Jenny Craig).  The small bites seems to be key in enjoying these. Take your time with these, enjoy the lime flavor and trips down the Kool-Aid Memory Lane. 


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