Love, Oreo

Typically when Oreo releases a holiday edition the creme is standard flavor, but is dyed a fun color. When I went to take pictures of these cutely decorated cookies, I was smacked in the face with this odd tart smell. Apparently I don't know how to read and the creme is "Sweet and Tangy". Joke's on me I guess. Let's see what Nabisco considers "sweet and tangy".

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: Do you remember how it smells when you open a Pixie Stick and that mushroom cloud of cavity inducing dust forms? Well, that's this cookie. I very nearly closed the package and moved on with my life.  With me not expecting the creme to be flavored, I even gave it overnight to smell again...nope still not my cup of tea.

Whole Cookie: There is just about this flavor. I've now had quite a few of these, trying to be even more open minded, but I just am not a huge fan of these. They're not the worst Oreo I've had, but I don't see myself throwing my diet out the window to binge eat these.

Half Cookie: Nah, I'm good

Creme Only: Nah, I'm super good. - Hey, normally I would push through, but this is my Valentine's gift to myself...

Overall: 4/10 - I like the design and they're not literally the worst, just really not a fan.


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