Wasabi Oreo

Savory Oreo -- This is an idea that has intrigued me for a very long time. Which flavor do I think would be great? Maybe a maple bacon? The flavor that didn't even kind of cross my mind is Wasabi. Our good friends at Nabisco did, though, and made a Wasabi Oreo. These were only released in China and I was lucky enough to have a friend that went there and snagged a box for me! So let's see what a savory Oreo is all about...

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: With wasabi being such a powerful scent, I am really surprised that these cookies don't smell any different. Will the cookies even taste like wasabi? Do I really want them to smell like wasabi? This test really has me conflicted and nervous...

Whole Cookie: Well, friends...we have confirmed that savory Oreo maybe isn't the wave of the future. The chocolate wafer is honestly my favorite part of this cookie and you all know I am usually all about the creme (are we still not doing phrasing?).

Half Cookie: I don't know what Oreo does differently with creme in Asian countries, but these wafers are seriously sealed together. After much prying, I finally got them separated and went in for this test (I really didn't want to, but I don't have the Valentine's Day excuse like I did last time). Sigh, I have confirmed that the creme is what is driving this sad bus. I really miss that other wafer to shield
me from this wasabi nightmare.

Creme Only: Well, there was no chance of peeling this cookie glue off of the wafers. I had to scrape it off with my teeth and cringed the entire time. Now the flavor....I know you've all been curious in your life and tried some chicken bouillon...well, maybe just me... but this is basically wasabi bouillon. I just cannot deal with this. I'm so glad I have more Oreo in this house than Kroger to get my tastebuds back on track. 

Overall: I am very excited I got to finally try these cookies! Savory Oreo, I was always curious...but they've got some work to do. For a first attempt, I would say they were ok. Will I be eating more of this flavor? No.

Rating: 6/10 - It's clear they really did try and they haven't made me lose hope that a savory Oreo could work


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