Toasted Coconut Oreo

Confession Time: When I was a kid I was notorious for taking bites of chocolates and putting them back if they were coconut. I think my kid-brain thought someone would surely want them, so they wouldn't cared that it's missing a bite. I think this scarred me for life and until recently I haven't been brave enough to try anything coconut. Some items still make me shudder and then sit in my pantry until I decide I seriously will never try it again. Here goes nothing...deep breath...

Taste Test:

Smell: I went to open these and there wasn't one of the resealable tops like we've seen on all recent packages. Not sure if this is them giving up because the adhesive never worked that well or if it was forgotten. This package will have to live in a gallon Ziplock bag, I guess. Anyway...these have a very slight hint of coconut. I was bracing myself for a coconut explosion. I actually had to smell them a bit to get that hint of coconut. Sun-tanning oils and strippers smell more like coconut in my opinion.

Whole Cookie: I must be growing old as I actually like the coconut flavor in these. They're not overpowering and really just taste like coconut cake. Usually I don't have two full cookies, but I find myself staring at them longingly. Yes, I caved and enjoyed the second cookie just as much as the first.

Half Cookie: This is like getting a corner slice of cake. Extra frosting and toasted coconut with that slight cake taste, without all the other kids staring at you because you one of the sacred pieces. I could eat these until I got sick. Someone come take these from me, thanks.

Creme Only: The toasted coconut gives the best texture of any flavor they've done yet. I want to buy a jar of this and frost a cake with it. Why must you forsake me Nabisco!?

Overall: Damn, these are amazing. I normally don't say this about anything coconut, but I really enjoyed these. I was really worried that the coconut wouldn't be crunchy, but would be that rubbery "ugh" that is usually thrown on most desserts. Being toasted really adds a great element to these cookies.

PS: These may not make it to work, so
if you want one let me know..and I will bring you one. I am "that" nice of a person lol


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