Gingerbread Oreo

As this Thanksgiving weekend comes to an abrupt end (oh man I'm not ready for work), I am left staring Christmas right in the eye. While I am starting to sweat about what gifts to get a few people, I can't help but think of all the delicious food that is upon us. That's right, I am sitting here in my pajamas...a couple pounds heavier from turkey...thinking about all the tasties coming my way. *Coughs* I'm more of a sugar cookie with frosting (and sprinkles, duh) kind of girl, but gingerbread seems kind of like an iconic symbol of the holidays. Now I can't help but think how delicious eating an entire gingerbread house would be, but I'll spare you the details.

Last year Nabisco introduced a small batch of Gingerbread Oreo cookies. The batch was so small that I couldn't find them in the store and we all know I stalk the Oreo section like a hungry lion stalks a gazelle in the Savannah. Apparently those lucky few Oreo lions got their hands on these and they were a hit, because Nabisco decided to give it another go this year.

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: Have you ever wondered what it would smell like if you lived in a gingerbread house? No and that's quite weird? Oh, that case neither have I *looks around guilty*. Well, IF I had ever wondered...this is how it would smell. You can smell the gingerbread and the frosting...quite pleasant.

Whole Cookie: Holy ginger-moly, batman...these are good. Like I want to eat these until I forget about the turkey and pecan pie (did you really think I was this full from just turkey) I had this weekend. Normally I don't have two during the test, but eh...nobody is looking. 

Half Cookie: After all of the tests I have done I expected this to be a slam dunk, game over...let's all, go home and eat half cookie Gingerbread Oreo. Alas, I miss the whole cookie. This definitely wasn't bad, but it was just missing something. It's really surprising how everything in this cookie plays such a serious role in the overall finish. 

Creme Only: I honestly wish this flavor was a touch stronger. Wait, no I don't...I would seriously eat creme only. The cinnamon note at the end is a really nice finish and leaves me wanting more. 
Also, I have the two cookie pieces on the couch next to me. My rather tubby kitty keeps looking up at them with the "you gonna eat those?" face. I tested this once and it turned out that he really does like after my own heart. 

Overall: If you want to skip out on making gingerbread men cookies and having to eat the heads first so you don't hear them scream...then eat the whole Oreo Gingerbread cookie. Everything just works and leaves you (and your cat) wanting more. The only thing missing is the little cinnamon candy "eyes"(ground up in the creme? I think so).


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