Peppermint Oreo

Now, I feel that most of you will agree...when you get one of those little peppermint candies at a restaurant after you eat, it's pretty awesome. If you said "oh hell no, those make me hate my life" then this may not be the post for you. I mean, it's cool...that means more for me! I'm also certain that randomly finding these in your purse may mean you're getting old, but it will be least you have candy, right?

Our trusty friends at Nabisco appear to have abandoned the Candy Cane Oreo this year and opted for Peppermint instead. I'm not going to lie, typing that sentence hurt my heart as I love me some Candy Cane Oreo as much as the next fatty...but I have hopes I won't be let down. (Nabisco, if I am...send me a thing of Candy Cane Oreo, k? xoxo).

Taste Test:

I to understand why Oreo packages no longer have the easy open top. I just fought with this package like a small, old lady on Black Friday fighting over a $5 toaster (hey, it happened to me once, don't judge). Are they trying to make me get in a workout before diving in? If that's the case, I'll stop complaining...maybe.

Initial Smell: These smell just like the candy cane Oreo. It's a chocolate and mint POW to the nose and oh man am I excited!

Whole Cookie: These definitely remind me of the Candy Cane Oreo...with more of the mint kick in the mouth and minus the candy cane bits in the creme (which I do miss). Now if I didn't compare these to anything else I would say they are delicious and I could smash an entire package of these while watching National Lampoon's Christmas and whispering "she's a beaut, Clark".

Bonus Whole Cookie Review from Matt: *with the most serious look you've ever seen* "I would say....these...are....Thin Mint in Oreo form. UGH NO...uhhh....Thin Mint and Grasshopper. Man, are these delicious. I'm glad they don't have the candy cane bits in the creme"

Half Cookie: Oh man...ohhhhh man. Now this is where it is at. Removing that cookie really opens up the flavor of the creme and let's it stand for itself. This really makes me think if you made truffles with these for Christmas you'd become everyone's best friend. I'll include a recipe at the bottom if anyone is in the market for friends.

Creme Only: This should be illegal...right up there with cocaine, as I could get seriously addicted to this and think everything is amazing while on my high.  It's definitely like a Thin Mint paste...which, need I say more?

Overall: Why are you still reading this? Unless you have these cookies already in your possession, you're doing it all wrong. Go.Buy.Eat.

Oreo Truffles:
- 1 package of Oreo (I've done Mint and Peanut Butter)
- 1 package of cream cheese at room temperature (or microwave it...let's be honest, I never plan ahead and leave it out)
- 2 cups of dip-able chocolate (find in the package section. They're these microwavable cups that you dip into. You could do the whole double boiler and skip the pre-packaged cup...but really?)

1. Toss 3/4 of the Oreo package into the food processor.
2. Crush those cookies up until they're crumbs.
3. With the cream cheese in a bowl, add cookie crumbs until it's a thick gob of heaven that can form cookie balls. Usually this is just shy of an entire package...if I was off, crush up some more and it's okay if you curse my name while doing so. Note: If you decide to do Peanut Butter Oreo, add a glob of peanut butter (crunchy adds more texture) to the bowl and mix lightly so there is a ribbon throughout.
4. Put the bowl into the fridge for five minutes or so...just until it hardens up a bit so you can make the balls easier.
5. Make the balls to the desirable size (I usually make them about an inch in diameter, or a size of a quarter) and put on cookie sheet (I put wax paper down because let's be honest, doing dishes is the pits).
6. Toss the cookie sheet in the fridge for another couple of minutes so they firm up again
7. Melt the chocolate right before you take the balls out of the fridge
8. Toss the balls in the chocolate and put back on the cookie sheet. I usually put something on top to distinguish flavor. Peanut Butter I've done Reese's and Mint I did part of an Andes Mint. Get creative.
9. When serving, it's best to keep most in fridge and leave some out. They tend to get squishy otherwise. They're still delicious, but not as great.


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