Matcha Green Tea Oreo

From the breathtaking scenery to the amazing food, Japan is easily one of my top favorite places in the world. One of the many great memories of my trip to Japan was enjoying green tea ice cream while visiting a castle on an extremely hot day. Matcha green tea is used in a wide variety of food items in Japan and while my friend was recently there on a business trip he stumbled on some Matcha Green Tea Oreo.

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: From the second you open the bag you are welcomed with a blast of matcha scent and then chocolate shortly after. If Yankee ever turned this into a candle I would be in trouble.  I would either try to A) eat every thing in sight from the tasty smells or B) eat the candle (no shame. judge all you want).

Whole Cookie: You barely start chewing and are flooded with the matcha flavor. The flavor is almost a little too overpowering, but chocolate wafer comes to save the day. Everything mixes well together and makes for a pleasant cookie. I am glad that these are the small cookies...I really don't think I could handle a normal sized cookie (well, I would probably is tough). The matcha green tea flavor is super powerful and would probably knock me over.

Half Cookie: Remember what I said about the other chocolate wafer...and it basically being my knight in shining armor? Yeah, Prince Chocolate totally needs to partake in this party. I barely got the half with creme down and had to eat the wafer just to balance my mouth back out.

Creme Only: I've had some rank Oreo creme in my previous limited edition tests, so I was super leery to do this with how strong it seemed to be. After I spent what felt like five years (okay, it was probably five seconds...) getting all of the creme off both wafers, I closed my eyes and dove off the deep end with this test. There was nothing pleasant about this experience. I love me some matcha green tea, but this was like concentrated to a point that should be illegal. I ate both wafers shortly after and still had to have a swig of beer (Illusive Traveler Grapefruit, if you must know) to bring my tastebuds off the ceiling.

Overall: I do enjoy these cookies, but don't know that I could eat the entire package in one sitting (I know, that's actually ideal...). I stand firm that these are perfect as the smaller cookies and am not sure how I would feel about them being regular sized. If you're a matcha green tea fan...and are in Japan or have someone going soon, definitely worth getting your hands on and trying.


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