Choco Chip Oreo

How many times is Nabisco going to try to make a cookie, that is known as being chocolate...more chocolate? Well, apparently at least one more time. Clinging to hope that they could perfect this, Nabisco released a Choco Chip Oreo cookie. Now, don't let me fool you...I certainly did not see these and say "oh my word, another? I have to TRY ANOTHER!?"...I'm just saying, after all of the Chocolate Chocolate Oreo I have tried I am skeptic. Let's see how they did this time..

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: I was expecting a chocolate smell that stands on top of your tastebuds and screams at the top of its lungs, but these actually have a good amount of vanilla to them to bring out a chocolate chip cookie scent.

Whole Cookie: These are creamy chocolate chip cookies, it really is that simple. Now if only they would figure out a way to make them slightly undercooked. I mean, who doesn't love a soft and warm cookie fresh from the oven? If you don't, I feel sorry for you.

Half Cookie: I didn't think I would like like this since I really enjoyed the whole cookie, but this was actually very pleasant. Removing half of the cookie made it more of a frosted chocolate chip cookie, which, hello...your tastebuds called, they want more.

Creme Only: These have more vanilla added to the creme than the standard cookie, and it really works. The wafers are clearly where the bulk of the chocolate chip cookie flavor is, so the creme was just an enhancer.

Overall: Praise be to the cookie God! Nabisco has finally found a way to make me feel like I am not eating a standard chocolate Oreo. While these will not make you see into another dimension and feel you've accomplished all you want to in life, they're certainly tasty. You will also be relieved, I am sure, that you do not have to get off the couch to get a gallon bag to stuff these in...yep, they are in a resealable container! It really is the small things, isn't it?

Also, my milk test this my milk was growing new life. I'll most things for science (that's right, I called this experiment science), but that's not one of them. I guess you'll just have to try with (fresh) milk yourself. Darn. I am so sorry.


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