Chocolate Strawberry Oreo

Valentine's Day. The day for flowers, candy, and the classic: chocolate covered strawberries. If these treats aren't super fresh, then they can go from delicious to a disaster rather quickly. Our favorite friends at Nabisco have decided to test their skills and give a shot at Chocolate Strawberry Oreo. Now to see if they achieved delicious or disaster.

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: Not wham bam thank you ma'am strawberry scent, which is a nice change from the norm. The strawberry is very subtle and the chocolate compliments it rather well. This isn't quite in the "gimme a candle" territory, but close.

Whole Cookie: Strawberry is a nice light flavor, which allows the chocolate to shine through. Makes it seem more like a chocolate covered strawberry.  The strawberry flavor is nice, light, and not overly fake. You know what I'm talking about...that fake strawberry flavor that gives you panic attack worthy flashbacks of childhood fluoride treatments.

Half Cookie: The strawberry obviously comes through a bit more, but I just feel like I'm getting a bit ripped off by not having the whole cookie. There aren't many times I say that, so naturally I had to have another. For science.

Creme Only: The amount of chocolate creme is really surprising. The way the two cremes contrast make for a great tasty travel. The journey begins at chocolate and just when you think you're never going to get there, you arrive at strawberry and are very pleased.

Overall: These are surprisingly really good. I was super skeptical since usually their strawberry cookies are a bit overkill. I don't know that I would be a cookie addict and do a line of these, but I would definitely enjoy a few here and there.

Note: When looking at the cookie, the creme is chocolate brown so it looks like a chocolate Oreo. The pink strawberry creme is in the middle, thus adding to the chocolate covered strawberry experience. It's the small things, right?


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