Peeps Oreo

Peeps are one of those Easter candies that you either love, or just straight up wish were discontinued.I definitely love the point that there really isn't an Easter without them. I'm also a personal fan of leaving the package open a bit until the outside gets hard. Maybe that's taking it to a whole new level of weird, but that's how my entire family eats them (we could all be weird, that's's delicious. Hate away). I remember one Easter my grandma didn't buy Peeps and there was an all out outrage that occurred. With that being said, you can only imagine my level of excitement when I saw that my bff's at Nabisco were releasing Peeps Oreo. These cookie treats have me more thrilled than most to try, so here's to hoping this doesn't end like the Easter of no Peeps....sad.

Taste Test:

Resealable Packaging: YES! YES! YES! This package is resealable and doesn't have the the appearance of it being there...but laughs in your face because it's not there and you spent a solid minute trying to figure it out like an idiot (not that I've ever done this...every.single.time). I get that I am probably ridiculous with this being the first thing I check for, but it has quickly become one of my top pet peeves. I am so glad my dear friends at Nabisco are clearly reading this blog and see how much this small feature means (hopefully not just) to me.

Initial Smell: This was likely the most dramatic smell test I have done to date. There was a countdown and a swift package opening. The Peeps smell definitely smacked me in the nose...but it quickly dissipated into the vanilla wafer. I really hope that's not an indicator of how this test will go. Side Note: Jonas, my fat tabby, cannot keep away from this package. I have literally swatted at him three times trying to get this typed out. Who knew Peeps Oreo are the perfect substitution for cat nip when you're in a pinch (oh, not everyone literally has a package of every limited edition Oreo stashed in their house?).

Whole Cookie: Opening the package again I was able to smell the Peeps aroma. My god these better be good. Like so good I wish I smoked so I could have an after cookie cigarette. Anyway...time to suck it up buttercup and give these a whirl. These, while they're not bad...they're just not Peeps. I'm trying to figure out if Peeps is more of a texture thing for me...but this is just missing something. The flavor definitely reminds me of Peeps a bit, but I'm certainly not fan girling over this flavor.

Half Cookie: Removing the extra layer of vanilla wafer definitely brings out more flavor, but to say it's Peeps is borderline laughable. These are more like a frosted sugar cookie...which isn't a bad thing, it's just not Peeps.

Creme Only: The creme is honestly just alright. The flavor is okay (my imagination said maybe a bit of marshmallow flavor, but I'm skeptical), but the chunks of sugar mixed in are just awkward. Every bite didn't have the crunch like a Peep, which to me is very un-Peep-like. This was like bones in fish...some bites were smooth and good...but then those bones mixed in and you cringe. I'm a sad panda right now.

Overall: I haven't been this let down since I found out Lance Bass is gay.  When I was buying these I saw all of the new fancy Peeps flavors...and passed them up. Why?! Now I want to go back and buy all of them so I get more of a Peeps flavor extravaganza.

Side Note: As many of you have seen these cookies have turned peoples...well, I will NOT be adding any pictures of this (you're welcome) definitely gives your Barbies Dream Tongue.


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