Firework Oreo


Pop Rocks were without a doubt one of my favorite candies when I was a kid. I would eat the entire package in about two parts, causing my mouth to feel like it was going to literally pop off of my face. I continually told myself that's how everyone ate them, but that's probably not the case. To tap into our 90's nostalgia the folks at Nabisco created Firework Oreo with popping candy.

Taste Test:
Initial Smell: I mean, I love the smell of Oreo more than the next junkie...but I was expecting something more. These have no special smell that makes me even remotely think of Pop Rocks. Why didn't they do like a strawberry Pop Rock? This seems lazier than wearing sweatpants to a wedding.

Full Cookie: They literally didn't add any special flavor to this cookie. You take a bite and wait for the slight popping action to begin. Being the person that liked to feel my mouth was chomping in a war zone, this left me very underwhelmed. I do question if more popping would be too much for most people, but I'm still a bit saddened by the lackluster result.

Half cookie: With this cookie not being anything special, removing the wafer reduces the experience even further. Yes it pops, but it takes so long that you've practically finished your apology letter to the discarded wafer.

Creme Only: The creme seemed thinner than usual, which is borderline a National tragedy. The popping action was not sped up at all. I feel more popping candy would've been super helpful for this test.

Overall: meh. Buy some regular Oreos and Pop Rocks, you'll be much happier. I stand firm that they should've done a flavored creme to make these worth my time and calories.


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