PB&J Oreo

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, does it get much more grade school packed lunch happiness
 than that? I mean, I'm not trying to make it sound like I don't still eat these, but I can't help but think of elementary school when I do. Yes most times I just ate peanut butter from the jar, but there were also a fair amount of times I actually broke out the bread and jelly. Our good friends at Nabisco must also share a love for these sandwiches as they released PB&J Oreo.

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: Remember those jars of Goober that had the peanut butter and jelly mixed together? You begged your mom to buy a jar because it was WAY more efficient, but turned out to just not be the same? The smell of these cookies remind me of that fake tasting peanut butter jar  with some goo. While it's not the worst smell, it's definitely not something Bath and Body Works should turn into their latest fragrance (for a list of things they should make, see my previous entries).  I really hope this isn't just a peanut butter cookie, as any PB&J chef knows...there must be the perfect peanut butter to jelly ratio.

Whole Cookie: This is an interesting flavor, in that I've now had to test three whole cookies to get a solid opinion (my life is super hard, please send me With Sympathy cards). The frosting is literally split (you can see it, they're different colors, you're welcome) and both of the flavors are so strong...that if you don't put the cookie perfectly in your mouth so your tongue hits both flavors at once peanut butter runs the show while jelly is the back-up dancer. Nobody wants to be Kelly Rowland, they want to be Beyoncé...

Half Cookie:  There really wasn't much change, so now I'm just stuck with a spare wafer, no creme to go with it, and first world problems for days. This was good, but didn't really add much to the flavor profile as the wafer is just a standard vanilla.

Creme Only: When I took the first cookie out of the package I noticed that the red frosting was smeared a bit. I spent an embarrassing amount of time pondering how this could happen. Was I just super careless with the package? Did the store do this? Thanks Obama? It wasn't until this test did the answer come to me...the red creme is a completely different consistency than the peanut butter. The jelly is WAY more smooth than the peanut butter. When eating this creme, the jelly starts to wash everything over almost instantly and the peanut butter is left behind wondering what it did to ruin Jelly's day.

Bonus- Dipped in Milk: I'm usually not one to dip my Oreos (I hate when I look away and my fingers get wet, then I have soggy cookie bits on mys fingers....and I'm just lazy...you happy? I said it) but these are pretty good. With the creme being different consistencies, the milk kind of helps balance that out and let the flavors hold hands in harmony.

Overall: Well, considering I've now consumed an entire row of these...I would say I like them. If you're like me and enjoy a classic PB&J sammich from time to time, then give these Oreo a shot. If you don't like PB&J, I'm impressed you made it this far and thanks for reading :)


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