Kettle Corn Oreo

Until recently, I thought Kettle Corn is something everyone enjoys. When Nabisco unveiled that they were going to make a Kettle Corn Oreo, this seemed to spark everyone into sharing their opinion on this snack. Surprisingly, most people seem to really hate this treat, so I am quite nervous to write this review.

Taste Test: 

Initial Smell:
How do I say this without sounding ridiculous? Oh, I don't. When I open anything popcorn related, I expect it to be so strong I literally cannot contain myself and MUST hunt down some popcorn to eat like a lion does a gazelle. This cookie, does not do that to me. Did I close the package and pretend it doesn't exist? Well, absolutely not. I am not a snob, just a borderline picky Oreo eater. I'm allowed to say it,  you're not...

Full Cookie: There are people in this world that love the movie theater popcorn, literally neck deep in butter...and then there are the others that enjoy the sweet and salty that kettle corn brings. I am the kettle corn fan. I eat kettle corn popcorn about once a week, so I don't know which tier of fangirl that makes me, but I like to think it's pretty damn high. I will go all fat kid at a candy store when I catch a whiff of this at the carnival, no shame. This flavor actually required me to have two cookies to even complete this paragraph. The flavor is there, but is is extremely lazy. I "taste" more of a popcorn flavor when walking by a work break-room where someone just popped themselves a bag than I do in this entire package of Oreo.

Half Cookie: This is definitely closer to the real deal, but I'm still left looking up to the ceiling waiting for more to kick in. What is happening here?

Creme Only: This is the last chance for redemption. I'm not saying this has been bad, but man...I was super excited for this test. Now I just want to eat some kettle corn to feel like I had something in the same ballpark. I can appreciate the added texture to the creme, but the overall flavor and texture reminds me of trying Crisco as a kid. You all can pretend you didn't go for a spoonful, because "if this goes into cakes it must be good", but then you'd be a liar. The texture was just this oil slick of a mess on my tongue that left me with the nagging reminder that I should eat more salads. Who wants that reminder?!

Overall: If you somewhat like Kettle Corn and like Oreo, this is great for you. If you're an avid fan of both, skip this batch. Sorry, friends...


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