Oreo Music Box

There is no denying that I am an absolute Oreo fanatic. I spend an obscene amount of time photographing them for my Oreoviews Instagram page (it's my zen thing, who knew) and scouring the internet to stay up on the latest flavors. Our bff's at Nabisco got creative and issued an Oreo Music Box. I saw this on Facebook late last month and ordered it from Amazon as quickly as I could. I am so glad I saw this and ordered right away, because they sold out very quickly. I snagged mine for $20 and have been seeing them sell for over $70 second hand. 

I started to worry that my order would end up being cancelled because the delivery date kept pushing out, but it finally arrived! The packaging was a simple brown box so I was anything but excited to open it. Man was I wrong! The tin that they put everything is so stinking adorable. This is for sure going on our coffee table to hide the unavoidable (at least that's what I tell myself) clutter. In the tin is the music box (I'll explain that more later, holy moly is it great), a package of original Oreo, three small packages of Oreo thins, and a box of White Fudge Oreo (review to be at a later date). For $20, this seems like a steal!

I actually squealed when I first saw the music box. No joke, I made this inaudible noise that made me super glad I was home alone. Not only is it super small and adorable...it plays music based on the Oreo cookie! You place the cookie like it's a record and move the arm over it to activate the music. As you eat the cookie the music changes. I'm posting a video of this to my Oreoviews Instagram and Facebook! And this works with any Oreo, including the thins and White Fudge Oreo in the box. I know I'm pretty easy to amuse, but come on...this is super awesome and creative! Especially for $20! I have bought way dumber crap for $20 on Amazon lol

Well done Nabisco, well done! 


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