S'More Cookie-Off -- Nabisco vs Girl Scouts

No summer is complete without a bonfire and a s'more. Everywhere you go stores have end-caps with America's favorite snack ingredients - graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars (or Reese's, yum). When the fireflies come out, so do the toasting sticks and appetite for this sweet treat. This snack has seemingly become the flavor of summer as everyone is making s'more flavored cookies! I previously reviewed the Oreo S'Mores, but with how many other s'more cookies there are now, I figured I would do a cookie competition. I found two s'more cookies from Nabisco and two from Girl Scouts (well, my amazing husband snagged these for me).

Taste Test:


S'more Oreo - This cookie is just as good, if not better, than I remember it. The chocolate wafers have been changed to a graham cracker and man, are they good! There are two flavors of creme, chocolate and marshmallow, and there is a bit of that toasted marshmallow flavor that I can't get enough of. All around, this is a fantastic Oreo.

S'mores Chips Ahoy - While this is a really good cookie, it's a stretch to call it s'more. This is basically just a gooey chocolate chip cookie with some vanilla chips. I even tried one warmed up like the package called for and was not left with nostalgic feelings of summer nights.

Girl Scouts:

Chocolate Covered: This reminds me of those chocolate covered graham crackers. There is supposed to be some marshmallow, but with all of that chocolate it's completely lost. Again, good cookie...but I'm not blown away or considering s'mores for dinner (you know you've done that).

Wafer Cookies: WHAT ARE THESE!?  Now this is a s'more cookie! There is a layer of what seems like actual marshmallow, as it has a bit of that gooey texture that sticks to the roof of your mouth. I would be completely lying if I said I didn't have multiples of these delectable flavor bombs while writing this. There is an absolute perfect balance of the chocolate, marshmallow, and wafer. I do wish that the wafers were a bit more graham cracker and the marshmallow a bit toasted like the Oreo cookies. That is just me being overly picky as these cookies are outstanding, though.

Overall Winner: I'm having a really hard time choosing between the Oreo and the Girls Scouts wafer. In the end, I have to say I enjoyed the Girl Scouts wafer cookies a bit more. There is more marshmallow in these than the Oreo and even though it's missing that "toasted" flavor, I still love the extra amount and it not just being flavored creme. This cookie completely surprised me and while they're a bit more costly than Oreo, okay like double the price, they're totally worth it!


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