Strawberry Frosted Donut Oreo


Now this may come as a shocker to some of you, but I like sweets (gasp!). I'm not one to turn down most foods, but sweets could be my undoing. As a child, my favorite part of Sunday church was the donut after (sorry, but it's true). I would typically get the cinnamon swirl with maple frosting...but on many occasions I would sneak a second donut, you guessed it...the basic cake donut with sprinkles. I may not be a #1 fan like Homer Simpson, but this is my go to basic donut when I'm trying to be...dare I say, sensible? Our good friends at Nabisco are clearly also a fan, as their current Oreo special flavor release is Strawberry Frosted Donut. Read on for my first taste test since 2019 (I am so glad the special release hiatus is over and we're back to getting new flavors again!)

Taste Test: 

Initial Smell: Faint strawberry frosting smell. Looking at this packaging, I am flooded with sensory memories of freshly baked donuts in a bakery. That wonderful aroma of sugar that is so sweet it could almost give you cavities. Once I started to open the package, I expected to be blasted with that delightful scent of strawberry fields....but instead was met with the smell of a (maybe sweeter) standard Oreo. My fields of strawberry and bakeries vanished instantly. I've probably smelled this packaging of cookies like a weirdo fifteen times. While they certainly do not smell badly, they're far from smelling like a strawberry donut. 

Whole Cookie: The smell should have been an indicator, but I was so dang excited to try a limited Oreo that I was still caught off guard by how much these do not taste like strawberry.  I know this isn't a jelly filled donut, but even with it just being flavored frosting it's usually a bit stronger. I think I spent more time convincing myself it tasted like strawberry than I did eating the cookie. Even if I try to tell myself that the flavor is more just a donut with pink frosting, I still can't convince myself these are really that special. 

Half Cookie: If you give up all hopes on strawberry flavor, removing one wafer does make it seem more like a frosted donut. The removal of the wafer lets that creme shine a bit more and add an overall smoother element. 

Creme Only: The creme does seem to be a bit sweeter and taste more like a frosting than standard creme, so while the strawberry is missing, it's still enjoyable. I do wish that the glitter was sprinkles to give it that extra texture...and who doesn't love sprinkles? The glitter also doesn't shimmer, so I don't really know that one could call this "glitter", it's more colored specs. I even took these bad boys into the sun to see if that's what they needed, but the only that that happened is I looked like an idiot inspecting cookies in my backyard in my pajamas (jeans are so 2019). 

Overall: From one donut fan to another, these are kind of a let-down. To me this is not much change from a standard golden Oreo. Pink tends to make everything a bit better, so these are definitely a bit more fun than your standard, still delicious, Oreo. 
Note: My husband tried these and says he thinks there is a faint strawberry flavor. I'm curious, what do others think? Do these taste like strawberry?

Rating: 7 out of 10 - I was going to give these a 6, but then realized that's what I gave wasabi (I really should've given those like a 2)....and these definitely aren't that bad. These were just nothing special and could have been better. 

Purchased at: Target


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