Mocha Caramel Latte Oreo

Now this may not come as a surprise to, well, anyone...but I am basic AF. In the colder months I live in my Uggs and North Face and frequent Starbucks when I go to Target. Coffee is not only my go juice, it's my tasty treat. Seems our friends at Nabisco share this sentiment as their latest limited edition Oreo is Mocha Caramel Latte. 

Taste Test: 

Initial Smell: You know that amazing smell of coffee you get when opening a fresh bag of beans or walking into a Target? That's what these cookies smell like. I may have closed and opened them a few times to enjoy the aroma (I need to get out more).

Whole Cookie: There have been very few Oreo cookie flavors that have made me stop chewing, go wide-eyed, and catch me by surprise. Amazing Oreo smells has led me down the path to disappointment many times, so I was expecting these to be somewhat coffee flavored but really overpowered with the chocolate wafer. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong...these are delicious! These really do taste like you're having a mocha latte. Maybe not so much caramel, but in all honesty I'm rather okay with that. I drink my coffee with creamer, not creamer with coffee, so I am happy to actually taste the brew. 

Half Cookie: As usual, half cookie does highlight the unique flavor and make it overall more smooth. With these being flavored after a drink, you almost "want" that extra smooth texture and bit more of a coffee blast. Plus it extends how long the cookie takes to eat since you get a wafer to eat at the end...

Creme Only: Was expecting the creme to be a slap to the taste buds, but either I'm getting more used to the flavor (fine, I've had like four of these cookies on rapid fire) or the wafer compliments the creme so well it brings out more of the flavor. Either way...I know it's rare, but I wouldn't sign up for a tub of just the creme. 

Overall: I've now had five of these cookies and really need someone to come save me from myself. These will definitely be purchased again before they are gone! Run, don't walk, to buy a package of these!
Edit: I had to try the half cookie one more time, for science, and definitely still my favorite way to eat these (and totally worth rounding out my evening to a total of six of these while writing this...). My husband likes them best as a whole cookie, but I won't argue an overall amazing cookie! Eat (six of them) as you will and ENJOY!

Rating: A+

Purchased at: Target



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