I'll Have S'more of That!

Camping, and I'm not talking about sitting in your air conditioned RV, you either hate it or you crave your next opportunity to slather yourself with bug-spray and sleep in a tent. Each year I take a highly anticipated camping trip with my best friend and eat s'mores until my pancreas begins to send me diabeetus warning hate-mail.

Over the years I have wandered off the beaten graham cracker-toasted marshmallow-chocolate path and adventured into the realm of other fun ingredients. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the traditional s'more but what's the point of living if you can't mix up your sugar coma?

Birthday Cake Peeps, Chocolate and Graham Cracker: Yes, they made Birthday Cake Peeps. Peeps are either hated or loved, there is no middle ground. I believe Peeps are hated because they tend to be POW in your face sweet. However, when you toast them over a campfire the loose sugar caramelizes and creates a crunchy coating, much like creme brulee, around the marshmallow. I couldn't really taste the birthday cake flavoring, but I did rather enjoy the crunchy shell. Plus, how funny looking are these toasted chicks? Overall, I highly recommend trying this,  even if you're an avid Peeps protester. 

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, Toasted Marshmallow and Graham Cracker: MUST TRY! I'm not even going to tip-toe around this review. If this sexy concoction were a man, it would be Robert Downey Jr...yes, that level of WOO HOO! Advice: Warm up the Reese's a bit before you toast the marshmallow. These are rather thick, so they don't melt as well as traditional Hershey bars.

1 Reese's Oreo and 1 Toasted Marshmallow: For this I just popped the Oreo top, toasted the marshmallow and made a sammich. This was really delicious. The marshmallow gave the entire mixture an entire new element that was surprisingly amazing. The balance of cookie, creme and marshmallow was spot-on so you could taste each part. I would change a thing...other than just have one. Have a few. You're welcome :)

2 Reese's Oreo's and 1 Toasted Marshmallow: I just want to point out how attractive my marshmallow turned out for this one....I'm still proud. Anyway...This mixture does not work. The cookie to marshmallow ratio is way off and you end up just tasting cookie (which is still pretty awesome, but not the sought after result). If you're looking for a way to down as many of these delectable cookies at once, this is your way...but this is by no means a good s'more. 

Watermelon Oreo's...both ways as for the Reese's: I know many of you think the Watermelon Oreo's leave a lot to be desired, but I like them. With that said...the results in regards to balance were the same as the Reese's Oreo's. Worth a try if you like this flavor.

Entire Nutty Bar (1/2 Package) and Toasted Marshmallows: I like Nutty Bars as much as the next sugar addict, but this was almost too much. You know that feeling you get after you've eaten almost a half jar of peanut butter? Oh, no? Well, me neither, then....*whistles and walks away*

1/2 Nutty Bar (1/4 Package) and Toasted Marshmallows: You know when you're trying to perfect something...and you've just about reached your breaking point, in this case stomachache, and BAM you get it? Well, this was that moment. The first set almost did me in, but I pulled it together and tried this. The balance was perfect. I definitely recommend this be tried if you're a Nutty Butty lover. Just don't come to me when you become addicted and have to join a 12 step program.

1 Lofthouse Cookie (break in half to make sammich pieces) and Toasted Marshmallow: I don't care what any of you say. Diet or not, if there is a package of Lofthouse cookies...you're taking one and eating it faster than your jaw can chew. Go ahead, try to tell me I'm wrong. With that being said. Keep the cookie and marshmallow separate. These are two items that do not work in perfect harmony. I had such high hopes and they were crushed....


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