You got your Reese's in my Oreo!

Geniuses have provided humanity with marvelous inventions such as the telephone, airplane and David Beckham...but now the list may grow by one. The food wizards at Nabisco used their powers for the better and blessed the world with Reese's Oreos. Yes, I said Reese's Oreos. 

The first sight of these made my inner fatty squee with delight and the hunt begin. I found these sweet morsels a few weeks ago and they've been seductively calling my name each time I enter the kitchen. I finally finished the previous cookie flavor, so it's time to give into temptation and see if my daydreams have been spot on. 

Smell: REESE'S BOMB! Amazing. There just aren't words for this.

First Taste (whole cookie): The balance between the Oreo and Reese's flavor is perfect. Most flavored Oreo's kind of make you question if you really know what the real thing tastes like...and ultimately just talking yourself into believing it does. "Oh yeah, Fruit Punch always tastes like cough syrup..." The moment I ate this, though, I was back to being a kid using Oreos as peanut butter shovels (true story). 

Cream without Cookie: This literally tastes like they took Oreo cream and blended it with Reese's aka I want a tub of this. I think I've made my point...

Cookie with one side removed: Oreo history was made in my world...I prefer the whole cookie over a half. While this is definitely good, the balance seems to be off. I like that it was a bit creamier, but you almost need that other cookie. Everything about this cookie works in perfect harmony...

Final thought


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