Cookieception: Cookies and Cream Oreo

Cookies and Cream Oreo. Let me get this're going to take a cookie with creme and make the creme taste like cookies and cream? So my cookie tastes like a cookie? Am I getting that right? I have never bought a package of Oreos and declared that they should taste more like an Oreo. Welp, here goes...

Taste Test:

Smell: These smell like an Oreo. I really have nothing more to say. The Oreo flavored Oreo smells like an Oreo. Now do I like Oreo? Duh. So this is a great smell as it's double the Oreo fun.

Whole Cookie: Yep, this is an an Oreo...with a side of an Oreo. Light-bulb! Honestly, if you want a way to get more Oreo flavor into one bite...this is your jam. Basically you're getting two Oreo's for the price, monetary and caloric, of one. Sounds like the best buy one get one free deal OF ALL TIME!

Half Cookie: Taking half off the cookie off leaves you with a creamier cookie, that still tastes like an Oreo. Again, they're smashing it with these deals. Black Cookie Friday? I'll work on the title...

Creme Only: Now we're talking. You mean to tell me, for the low price of one Oreo creme I can taste an entire Oreo...with extra creme? Can I get a hallelujah!? Get me a tub of this creme and a spoon! Just take my money!

Overall: Yes, at first Cookieception seems a bit odd...but once you think about it, Nabisco is da real MVP. I can now say "yeah, well I only had one Oreo..take that diet!" and really be eating two. I can't even right meow. Enjoy!


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