Ho-HOreo: Filled Cupcake Oreo

I really hope I'm not the only one to look at filled cupcakes and drool. The fluffy cupcake, with the gooey vanilla cream inside and the crunchy chocolate frosting on top...yep, there's the salivating.  You mix that with Oreo and it seems like it would HAVE to be a slam dunk, right!? Well, let's find out...

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: Wait, these have the resealable packages?! I'm sure it's because Nabisco reads this blog and sees me complaining they took this away (just let me dream, okay?).Moving along... I'm not sure if my sniffer is broken, but it took me a really long time to smell anything. I'm not looking to get pimp slapped with scents, but I shouldn't have to sniff so hard I get dizzy (I wish I was lying). After what was probably five seconds but felt like five years...the chocolate smell broke through. Another ten years (fine, seconds) later the vanilla came out of hiding. 

Full Cookie: Quick rant...the issue with chocolate based limited edition Oreos is that they just taste like, well, Oreos with a bit more chocolate...there isn't that moment of "wow! This is so different! I can't believe they did this!". Of course they're still good, but it makes reviewing them a little difficult. Anyway, as I went full steam ahead on this cookie, the vanilla element started to peek through a little more. I wish there was more vanilla in center to really give that POW. 

Half Cookie: If you buy these cookies do me and yourself a favor...take one of the wafers off. These are so stinking adorable...totes adorbs even. I wish the swirl that's on top of the cupcake was somewhere in this sammich, but that's just getting picky. Anyway, taking away half the cookie adds the element of more of the vanilla POW, but I almost miss that chocolate layer. Another thing with this is some of the vanilla sticks to the wasted wafer. Yeah, tough times...you have to lick off vanilla creme. How will you ever go on?

Creme Only: This actually was a touch problematic to do. The vanilla creme sticks to the wafer a lot more than the chocolate. Again, first world problems...I had to scrape and lick some vanilla to get it all. Even when eaten together, both creme flavors have different consistencies. In a way it was interesting because it was like a flavor tornado...but at the same time it was ever so slightly off-putting.

Final Opinion: Do you like chocolate? Do you like the filled cupcakes? Then why are you still reading this and not at the store buying these Oreos? Overall I liked these. The flavor was good and they're super cute. I, however, still stand firm that a little bit more of the vanilla creme would've been nice...and the vanilla swirl icing (I tried to let it go). 


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