Fruity Crisp Oreo

As a kid Fruity Pebbles were one of my top five favorite cereals. The only problem with Fruity Pebbles is that once you start, it's hard to stop. When I was a kid I know I ate some seriously massive bowl worths of this cereal and often left myself questioning my life choices. Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. I know you made the same classic mistake of pouring a bowl and saying "but they're small, so I can have more" and next thing you know you've demolished like four servings. Don't feel too bad, your dentist got a couple really great vacations out of those cavities. The folks at Nabisco also wanted to cash in on this and made Fruity Crisp Oreo.

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: This is literally like opening a box of Fruity Pebbles and sticking your head inside, don't knock it until you try it. Until I smelled these cookies I didn't realize how many memories I had tied to Fruity Pebble cereal. I think I was close to winning an award for most consumed boxes in a year as a kid. Okay, maybe you can judge me a little.

Whole Cookie: Oh my goodness. What is even happening right now? The second these hit your mouth you are instantly confused as to whether you're eating a cookie or a bowl of Fruity Pebbles. I can think of some worse ways to be confused.

Half Cookie: Honestly, this is the first time I feel like this test is irrelevant. The whole cookie is simply amazing and needs no altering. I'll do it just because I always do. Removing one of the wafers definitely doesn't ruin the cookie, but I actually feel like it does diminish my level of borderline religious experience the whole cookie is.

Creme Only: I would eat this with a spoon. Literally put on my sweatpants and eat this from a jar while watching Golden Girls. Nabisco finally learned and actually put flakes of the cereal right into the creme. The creme is flavored, but these flakes add not only another layer of flavor but a whole new texture.

Dipped in Milk: My coworker asked that I start doing this test as dipping Oreos in milk is something a lot of people do. I usually don't, so never thought of it...but happily obliged (oh no, don't make me eat another cookie). After nearly losing the cookie to the milk, I discovered that this tastes like having cereal with milk (not really surprised, are you?). Dipping it in milk does seem to take away some of the awesomesauce flavor, but it far from ruins the experience.

Overall: These are very high on my list of favorite Oreo flavors. If you want to take a trip down nostalgia lane and make your fillings tingle, eat the whole cookie (yes, shove the entire thing into your judging here).  If you are still reading this and haven't dropped everything to go buy a package, you're missing out.


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