Strawberry Shortcake Oreo

Summer cook-outs usually consist of hot dogs, hamburgers, great beer, and....strawberry shortcake. I'm not talking the cheap shortcake pucks you can buy at the grocery store (okay, fine...sometimes I get lazy and buy those, too)...but the amazing homemade cake that you cannot resist devouring in record time. There are fewer desserts that more people seem to agree is amazing and help make disappear before the whipped cream has a time to return to its liquid state. The folks over at Nabisco took note of this and made Strawberry Shortcake Oreo. You read that you can have your cake and eat it too!

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: Strawberry.Shortcake.In.My.Nose. The second you put your sniffer to the bag you are flooded with scent of strawberry and vanilla. The bag is open to my right and the smell is wafting everywhere. The smell reminds me a lot of those strawberry wafer know the ones that have the Nutrition Facts that don't make them seem so bad, so you eat the entire package.

Whole Cookie: You start off with a bit of the strawberry taste and get left wanting the flavor level to grow and ending up a bit disappointed when it doesn't. With the real dessert, strawberry plays such an important role and with these cookies the vanilla runs things. While I certainly do not dislike these, they just do not make me want to destroy a package and hide the evidence in the garbage can. 

Half Cookie: Now this is where it's at. The strawberry is the star of the show and the vanilla is the back-up dancer. I still wish the strawberry flavor was a bit more POW, but losing half of the vanilla really helps. The only issue with this is that there is now a slew of half eaten cookies laying around me, requiring me to get up and dispose of. 

Creme Only: With how amazing these smell I was expecting more of a strawberry smack in the taste buds, but it was more of a tap. In my extensive Oreo experience (I went there), usually when the creme seems to be the standout in the Half Cookie test, then the flavor is usually close to overpowering. I'm not sure if I am happy or sad that I do not want to each this from a tub with a spoon.

Overall: I am a big fan of strawberry shortcake and while these are nice, I wish they had a bit more of the strawberry flavor. Maybe some freeze dried strawberries mixed in the creme would've added a nice touch. With these being a bit neutral, they may appeal to more people at a cook-out.

Vent Time: The package is back to not being resealable. Why do they do this to me? I want to sit on my couch,  destroy a sleeve and put it shamefully to the side...certainly not get up, walk to the kitchen, and grab a gallon size Ziploc bag to bring more attention to my not so amazing life decisions.

Confession Time: Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. Remember those cookie carcasses I told you about during the Half Cookie test? Yeah, I didn't get up to dispose of the rejects. My cats batted them in between the couches, thus requiring me to get my fiancé's help to pull
the sectional apart to have a proper burial in the trash....thus completely busting how many cookies I "tested".


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