Apple Pie Oreo

Fall is the time for sweatshirts, bonfires, and apples. There isn't a weekend that goes by without at least five of my Facebook friends visiting an apple orchard. Then there are the friends that post the most delictable looking apple pies I have ever seen. I'm not typically an apple pie fan (cooked apples are either mush or under done), but I do love to each everything in the pie of the flavor. Our dearest friends at Nabisco have tapped into our Autumn dreams and have created an Applie Pie Oreo. Now these won't come with the dreaded apple mush or not test (I hope), so I'm excited to give these a whirl.

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: The first smell to smack you in the nose is definitely the cinnamon. I'm not one of those people that go all heart eyes over those typical fall scented know what I'm talking about, those Pumpkin Spice Cinammon Bun with a side of Caramel Latte and Flannel jars of doom. With that being said, when the apple finally put it's North Face and Uggs came out and was rather pleasant.

Whole Cookie: The scent definitely scared me a touch, but that apple flavor really takes a stand and tells the cinammon to take a Starbucks break for a minute. The main thing I taste is the apple flavor (clearly the same flavor they used for my beloved Caramel Apple Oreo) and some vanilla/cinammon action.  With how strong that first smell was I was very scared but ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Half Cookie: I was really expecting the apple flavor to run the show, but it was still a relatively balanced bite. I found myself actually missing the cinammon/vanilla addition that wafer brought. I ended up eating it now out of guilt, but finding I genuinely like the taste. These wafers are something I could eat on their own.

Creme Only: Now here is that apple pow I was expecting! There is the slightest amount of cinammon/vanilla, but it's mostly all tart apple. This bite was actually so tart that it hit me in the backs of my jaw. Now this may sound like a bad thing, but I really do enjoy this creme. Think of those apple and caramel dipped suckers...that's the apple flavor.

Overall: This cookie surprised me...I really came into this test expecting myself to not be a fan at all. I am actually left with wanting to not only consume more of these cookies, but a slice of actual apple pie (never thought I would say those words). If you like apple pie, then definitely gives these cookies a try!


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