Hot Cocoa Oreo

Okay, Oreo...lets talk. You keep trying these new and exciting Limited flavors that are chocolate on chocolate with a chocolate kicker. I have high hopes they will figure this out someday and we will all rejoice...but when I see these types of flavors come out I get a bit apprehensive. Nabisco’s latest Oreo flavor is Hot Cocoa and with how cold it’s been this chocolate beverage has been more of a staple in my life than I’ll ever admit. Time to see how they pull this cocoa treat off...

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: The smell of these cookies coming from the wrapper is decidedly not plain Jane chocolate, it's got some additional scents...way more sweet. Could this be it? Could Nabisco finally be onto something here with their chocolate inception game?!

Whole Cookie: This may be the first time I haven't rolled my eyes trying a chocolate cookie party! The creaminess factor seems to be higher and there is definitely more of a "cocoa" flavor. This is for sure an Oreo that I cannot leave on the counter because I will "one more" that package to the PB&J...RIP

Half Cookie: Hot cocoa is really a snack and a half. There is, of course, the hot cocoa itself...but then there are the marshmallows, those little chunks of heaven that are borderline “what am I doing with my life” and “It doesn’t get any better than this”. I was expecting half the cookie to be that glob of marshmallow heaven that gets devoured all at once...but alas it wasn't even in the same ballpark. I am left just wanting more marshmallow...maybe some chunks of those dried white sugary chunks that come in the hot cocoa packet?

Creme Only: A lot of the cremes lately have been a complete letdown, but this actually makes my tastebuds pretty darn happy. The white creme is definitely different than standard Oreo creme, has some marshmallow like flavor, and there is a very slight hint of cocoa. I don't know that I would go full on sweatpants and chick flick mode while I spooned this into my mouth...but close. Hey, I never claimed to be on the mend. If you all have an intervention, remember it would be way nicer to ease me out of this addiction...bring milk, too.

Overall: These are quite delightful. I'm not all heart eyes and ready to send Nabisco fan mail, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Now if only I had some hot cocoa to dip these in...


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