Oreo Cookie Club Box #1: Box Contents and Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo

Oreo Cookie Club Box Review

Over the past few years I have successfully avoided joining any subscription service that sends a box of random items to my house. The internet is full of these "crates" that include some very tempting items, but I continually tell myself "you don't need that". Well, Nabisco won that game and introduced an Oreo subscription box. I hadn't considered this, which is surprising since I would much rather these limited Oreo just be shipped to my front door instead of stalk
ing the stores (and spending WAY more money at Target on a lot of things I really don't need). The cost of this box is $20, which seems a bit steep considering the price of a package of Oreo...but the novelty of not having to hunt them down and the added items in the box made me jump at this opportunity. Every month will be like getting an Oreo birthday present, yay!

So what's in the January box....

1) Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo
    - Review to follow

2) Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo
    - Review to follow

3) Oreo Hot Cocoa (x2)
    - Um, hot cocoa is already amazing...but Oreo hot cocoa? Seems like I need to dip the Hot Cocoa Oreo cookie in this!

4) Oreo Socks
    - Are these socks just not the cutest thing on the planet!? I seriously cannot wait to wear these while eating a (row) of Oreo(s). They're like M&M's, you can't have one...sheesh! 

5) Recipe card for "Hot and Spicy Cinnamon Oreo Mug Cake"
   - While this sounds super amazing...why didn't they include all of the Oreo items to make this in the box? For $20 they couldn't include the Oreo candy bar? And then when you read further you realize you need 1/3 C of baking mix? What on earth is baking mix!? *runs off to Google* well, nobody seems to know what that is either. Is it the cocoa mix? Is it some Bisquick? Is it cake mix? I am quickly not caring about this recipe and will just stick to eating Oreo cookies.

Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo

Picture this...you're walking through Target and happen to land in their Valentine's Day candy aisle. After the heart shaped Reese's swan dive into your cart (no way you put those there), the bag of red cinnamon candies somehow also make their way into your heart...I mean cart.  Our good friends at Nabisco must also have this issue at Target as this month's limited flavor is Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo. 

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: There is no debating about these smelling like cinnamon candy. This smell honestly borderlines on being stronger than ever necessary. The strength of this smell is right up there with people that bathe in perfume so much that you could be brought from a coma when they walked in the room. 

Full Cookie: There is no denying that this flavor is those little cinnamon candies. Aside from the smell launching warfare on your nostrils all the way from the package to your mouth...the taste is a strong contender as a candy double. The one thing that is definitely different, though, is the spice level. They're not spicy...they just seem to have that flavor that is present in the candy. The chocolate seems to really help neuter the cinnamon flavor but you still just know and hope that it's there. 

Half Cookie: Okay, this is where it is at. The spiciness comes through more and the cinnamon candy flavor gets to really shine. I honestly went so long since this test had a better result than the whole cookie that I started to wonder if this was really a worth my time. Boy has this proved my theory wrong! I could eat these all day...don't act surprised. 

Creme Only: This literally tastes like a less spicier, but more creamy version of those little red candies of delicious doom. Can we just put this in the center of those little candies instead? Ooooh, or what if Oreo put some of the broken up candies into this creme? I could seriously be 500 lbs without trying very hard. 

Overall: These without a doubt get my star of approval. While they could be way spicier, I feel they are going to get a lot more people to like these by not. 

Stay tuned for the "Chocolate Hazelnut Oreo" review...


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