Cherry Cola Oreo

With the new soda machines, you can literally make just about any flavor of Coca Cola. This may sound lame, but there is something really great about a classic cherry Coca Cola. Our bff's at Nabisco must agree, because they selected Cherry Cola Oreo as the latest flavor. I don't know if anyone has had a cherry cola at Rally's, but I hope it's half as good (I swear they add crack, the flavor is just different and addictively better).

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: You know how after a night of heavy drinking you have that final sip that makes you fully aware that there is alcohol, and lots of it, in that glass? The smell of this packaging made me literally say "oh my god" and I instantly felt hungover. The cherry is nearly atomic and slaps you in the face with a smell that strongly resembles liquor. I would literally be okay with never smelling this again.

Whole Cookie: After the smell test, I am a little more than nervous about this taste test. If the scent bounced me back to Hop Cat, is the taste going to take me back to Mandy's in Adrian (hole in the wall, dive bar...don't feel bad if you haven't been there). The second this cookie hits your mouth you regret every decision you made up to this point. When you are close to the end, the creme starts to "pop" in your mouth. Yep, surprise...they added pop-rocks so this is the treat that keeps on giving.

Half Cookie: This is a joke, right? Do I really have to have this cookie again? I waited 10 minutes before embarking on this test. Clearly I was being too harsh, right?. WRONG. What on Earth, Nabisco? No, just no. Stop it. You're embarrassing yourself.

Creme Only: Why did I invent this test? I don't want to do this. As soon as my mouth recovers from the Half Cookie test, I will do this. Well, after sometime I tried this and went into it expecting the absolute worst. With that being said, I was pleasantly surprised. This was a step above hot garbage, but not something worth breaking a diet for.

Overall: The cherry is way too overpowering and you get no cola. The pop-rocks at the end are way too much and could be left out. Just.No.


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