Pina Colada Oreo Thins

If you like pina coladas! Good luck getting that song out of your head, sorry not sorry. Warmer weather is finally here and with that comes the summer flavors we all know and love. When I’m traveling with my husband to tropical climates, I usually indulge in one (or a few, judge away) pina coladas. However, there are times where the resort makes it taste too much like Banana Boat sunscreen smells. This is literally one of the worst things ever and I cannot finish my drink (first world problems at its finest). Our fabulous friends at Nabisco apparently also enjoy a good pina colada because that’s one of the finalists in the “My Oreo Creation”challenge.

Taste Test

Initial Smell: Upon opening the package, I was initially dragged down disappointment lane with the vanilla wafer winning the scent race. When I nearly gave up (it was all of five seconds, I am not a patient person), the pina colada scent pulled ahead for first place. Unlike the Cherry Cola Oreo, there isn’t anything off-putting or hangover inducing about this smell. So far so good...

Whole Cookie: To say I was nervous to try these cookies is an understatement. With that being said, I am completely relieved to report that there isn't anything Banana Boat Sunscreen about these cookies! This is what the original Coconut Oreo thins should’ve been. Eating these put me right back in Los Cabos and wanting to jump on to book a tropical paradise getaway.

Half cookie: When doing this review, I realized this is the first "Oreo Thin" review I have done. How did this happen? I have completely slacked off and missed so many cookies to review! After that shock wore off, I realized this half cookie test is a touch ridiculous. I even wondered if I would be able to separate the cookies. Have no fear (I'm sure you were absolutely frozen with fear and anticipation), I was able to split the cookie and found that it is still just as good and a bit creamier. I don't feel splitting is as worth it as they seem to have the wafer to creme ratio perfectly balanced.

Creme only: How do I say this without sounding like a complete tubby? Eh, whatever, here goes nothing. You know those spray cheese cans? Oreo needs to do the same thing with this creme. You may think about the caloric intake or the diabetes risk, but you know you would try it.

Overall: My husband and I have polished off an entire sleeve of these already. I would say that action speaks louder than words. If you like pina coladas (there it is again, you're welcome)...go buy these!


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