Japanese Oreo - Vanilla Mousse, Lemon Mousse, and Tiramisu

One of my good friends was recently in Japan and happened to spot some fun Oreo flavors that definitely needed to be tossed through my taste test. What is even more impressive, is the care that went into packing these boxes to ensure that they did not get damaged at all. I've definitely tossed a bag of chips in my suitcase without even thinking and came home to fried potato dust. Yes, I still ate

it, if you were really wondering...

This Oreo care package contained three flavors - Vanilla Mousse, Lemon Mousse, and Tiramisu. Let's see what you got Nabisco...

Taste Test:

- Vanilla Mousse -

Initial Smell: Hold.The.Phone. The box contains 3 packages of eight cookies. How stinking cute and very Japanese are these?!? Anyway...there is no denying that the smell is vanilla.

Whole Cookie: Why did they do chocolate wafer? You literally cannot taste the vanilla at all. Sigh, Nabisco, when will you learn?

Half Cookie: I was honestly going to skip this because it's super weird for a thin cookie, but I am not giving up on this flavor! Whoa whoa whoaaaaaa, where is the creme!? There is WAY less creme in these thins than the United States. The picture on the box even shows the creme going to the edge of the cookie! Somebody has some explaining to do. Anywhooooo.....I know sweets in Japan are significantly less cavity inducing than the States, so maybe this is why I'm left feeling like I got punk'ed. Regardless, removing a wafer does help bring the vanilla flavor to the surface more.

Creme Only: You can tell I've done this blog awhile, because I nearly forgot how to get creme off a wafer when it doesn't just peel off in a clean sheet. After what felt like a century, I got the creme off and it's definitely thicker like a normal Oreo. I don't mean this in a bad way, creme is creme, just an observation. In regards to the flavor, I enjoy it but not so much that I held it out to my diabetic husband and said "pump up the jams on the insulin pump and try this, your pancreas will thank me".

Overall: They're tasty, but nothing special.  Wump wump.

- Lemon Mousse- 

Initial Smell: Think limoncello, minus the alcohol (alcoholic Oreo, take note Nabisco). These arequite heavenly and make me very excited to try.

Whole Cookie: Okay....Okay, Nabisco....now you're talking. The perfect balance of tart (sometimes even sour) and sweet, with the chocolate wafer to bring it all together. I could consume a lot of these.

Half Cookie: Literally no need. Eat that little Crispy cookie and be happy.

Creme Only: With how sour this bite was, I was left curious about the creme. Now that I am an expert again at extracting the non-super-smooth creme, why not? This creme is throughly lemon and I love it. The sour takes you right to the edge and then brings you back down slowly.

Overall: oh my goodness. Me love you long time...

- Tiramisu-

Initial Smell: Coffee lovers REJOICE! This package smells like a cup of fresh brew and I am super pumped to try this!

Whole Cookie: From the moment it hits your lips...all the way to the last chew...heaven! Who do I need to talk to so we can get this here? We should seriously start a petition. Heart eyes for days.

Half Cookie: Nah, I'm good, fam. Perfection.

Creme Only: Again, curious. No way this won't be awesome or not worth my time. Oddly enough this creme scrapped off the cookie a lot easier than the other two. The texture is definitely a bit more creamier...and tastes just like the perfect tiramisu, coffee bomb. Literally give me a can of this (think Cheez-Whiz) and some yoga pants.

Overall: I am seriously sad that I cannot buy these in the States. When I go to Japan next month I hope I can find these and will find some self control to not buy a lot.


- Wafer Comparison -

Grease: United States has a very greasy wafer. They without fail always leave a stain on everything I
take pictures of. The Japanese wafer has no residue, what is going on? American's do love them some grease, though...

Design: The design of the two cookies also differ a bit. The United States wafer is way more squished (Left), while the Japanese is a larger cookie so it's more spread out and easier to read (Right).

Flavor and Texture: United States is more sweet, chocolatey, and chewy, while the Japanese is more subtle and crisp. I quite enjoy the Japanese wafer by itself and have now consumed all of the discarded pieces, great...


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