Pistachio Oreo Thins

Pistachios, the food at parties that seems to disappear at the same alarming rate as vodka and good decisions. People like to pretend that they'll only eat one, but find themselves sneaking back to the kitchen for more. I always felt maybe I was alone in this thinking, but the good ol' folks at Nabisco must share the same love for this flavor as they've made Pistachio Oreo Thins.

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: Upon opening the package, I am greeted by the smell of regular Oreo. What in the world? How can this be? Nabisco seems to specialize in making their cookie scents so strong that either my stomach flips, I drool uncontrollably, and/or I cough. This does not bode well for the rest of this review.

Whole Cookie: When I eat an Oreo thin, I expect the flavor to be so powerful that I am left screaming "uncle". This cookie, however, takes it's dear sweet time to even fight. I'm torn if that's a bad thing, because once the flavor finally gets off it's lazy butt it's quite pleasant. These are by far not like eating the pistachio nut, they're more like each pistachio flavored ice cream. I don't mean that necessarily in a bad way, as I find myself frequenting pistachio ice cream. Thinking on it, I don't know that the world is ready for a cookie that is even remotely savory. Sure, we all love sweet and salty, but I think a lot of fans would take to the streets and riot if Oreo went anything but cavity inducing sweet.

Half Cookie: The chocolate cookie definitely runs the show a bit, so removing one allows the pistachio flavor to peek through a bit more. However, removing a cookie from the thins is a lot of work, so maybe not worth it.

Creme Only: This definitely reminds me of eating a pint (you really thought I had one spoonful? cute) of Pistachio Halo Top (boom, healthy, in your face!). I personally think that this flavor really works and would love to eat this with some vanilla ice cream.

Overall: I honestly had to stop reviewing these two days ago and come back when I was over expecting the flavor of the actual nut. Thinking backing on it, I feel a bit foolish for expecting that as this is a cookie...not a nut bar. But, whatever. I am now a fan of these and quite like them for what they are.


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