A Trip Down Frosting...err Memory Lane

Most people reflect on their life and the things they've done/seen/accomplished...but I just caught myself reflecting on all the Oreo flavors I've tried over the years. Someone asked my this question the other day and I guess it just stuck with me. How many times have I justified stuffing my pie-hole with the great Nabisco treat? For the life of me I could not remember all of them off the top of my head and then had a light-bulb moment...I've posted many of these to Facebook before I started this blog. While I was reminiscing I found that I actually hadn't reviewed one...because it was so good I posted instantly on Facebook so the world would get out and buy a package. I'm sorry, I'm not sorry? :)


Red Velvet:

I bought these and wrote the following short review:

"Well, these are spectacular. Review to come later"

This review never came later...I just ended up buying a few packs so I could infect my friends with the need to eat these gifts from God. If you haven't tried these yet, stop reading this right meow and try to find a pack.

To me this was the Holy Grail of Oreo. My love of Red Velvet is frosting deep. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've had dreams about going to my hometown to buy favorite red velvet cake. Okay, now that I put it in writing I'm a little ashamed...ashamed I don't actually buy this more often.


Cookie Dough:

Who doesn't love cookie dough? Crazy people...the thought of cookie dough Oreos was almost too much to handle. Then you tried them....chocolate was the only real note I got. I'm kind of a cookie dough connoisseur and these left me wanting to go to the grocery store to buy a tube of Tollhouse.

Marshmallow Crispy:

These were fabulous. The creme had little chunks of rice krispies in them, which added a great texture. Dear Nabisco, please bring these back. Hugs and Kisses, Susan.

Banana Split:
Oh the banana split Oreo...I look at this picture and imagine someone at Nabisco still catching crap from their co-workers for this one. "Dude, remember that time you made the..." "YES! I remember, Stan, just drop it already...." We all make mistakes, I suppose.

Original Review:

Smell: at first it made my stomach turn. It grew on me after a bit, but I definitely won't be writing Nabisco asking for a candle. 

Taste of whole cookie: more mellow than I was expecting my the scent. I think the cookie flavors overpower the frosting. 

Half cookie, vanilla: vanilla is really faint so you can taste the banana and strawberry more. I like this 👍👍

Half cookie, chocolate: close to the same as the vanilla...but the chocolate is a little stronger. If you like chocolate, this is a win.

Frosting: of all the Oreos I've tried, this has the least flavor. The banana stands out way more than the strawberry and that's not saying much. They could've kicked this up a notch.

Overall: I like this. Love? No. I would use my cheat day calories on something else, but am still glad I tried. If you're going to eat, take one layer off.

Fruit Punch:

I remember this post comparing them to cough syrup. I'll leave it as that. These horrific....excuse me while I go have a nightmare.

Lemon Twist:

As I said in my original post about these, they taste just like a lemon bar. I have bought this flavor numerous times after my initial review. This is one of the few flavors to actually get permanently added to the Oreo flavor family. Good call, Nabisco, good call. They changed the name to Lemon, but the flavor stayed the same. I hope it was the same dude that came up with the Banana Split...Stan can't totally be a jerk-face. 

Others I tried, but actually reviewed (go me?): Limeade, Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Spice and Reese's


Candy Cane:

These were the perfect mix of peppermint and Oreo. Then you add chunks of candy cane in the frosting? Genius. Maybe Santa can make these this year? I could try to break my record of two packages before Christmas!

Watermelon: I tried these in 2013 and they brought them back in 2014. Numerous people have refused to try them as they do sound like a bad idea. I like them and will buy again if I see them. Are they a little Jolly Rancher, like? Yes, but I like watermelon Jolly Rancher's...so there's that.

Ice Cream Rainbow Sure, Bert!: Sherbert is one of those flavors that takes me back to my childhood. When I stayed with my grandparents on Sundays, Grandpa always gave me sherbert ice cream. These cookies were a fun trip down memory lane. They were a bit on the sweet side, but I did enjoy. 


Candy Corn:

I really wish these would come out every year for Halloween. Candy Corn is basically the iconic symbol of Halloween. I get that last year the world went coo-coo for pumpkin spice, but still. Give me my candy corn Oreos. 

Birthday Cake:
CAKE! This is another flavor that is now in the Oreo flavor family and it makes me very happy. I'm a five year old at heart and literally squeal when I see cake. Don't pretend you don't, too. 

DQ Blizzard Creme:
This started it all for me. I remember walking through Target and seeing these sitting on the shelf. I would say they talked to me...but that would get me in a room with padded walls. These were good...but just more exciting than anything, because it was a sign of good things to come.  


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