Triple Double Oreo...Yes, I said Triple Double...

What's better than a single Oreo? A double-decker Oreo, of course! Did your inner fat-kid just squee? I thought so :) These are definitely like having a hamburger your entire life and getting your hands on a Big Mac...double the patty and tasty cheese...ON NOM NOM NOM!

Taste Test:

Smell: These are basic Oreo bombs. Smell like Oreo...but way more chocolaty and rich.

Taste- Full Cookie: This is a damn big cookie. I don't mess around... I try the whole cookie at once. This was like trying to look bad-ass and eat a large piece of sushi in one bite...while successfully keeping your mouth close. I may have looked like a chipmunk with stuffed cheeks and it was totally worth it. The Mega Stuf are frosting with cookie to try to hide the evidence, however, these are a perfect frosting to cookie ratio. Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing (okay, maybe make them not 100 calories each...but we can all cheat here and there, right?).

Taste - One Wafer Removed: I think this is the first time that I haven't been even somewhat happy with removing one wafer. This is probably because the frosting isn't an odd flavor, so it's not really bringing that more to the front. Honestly, I wouldn't even bother with removing one of the wafers. These are good as is.

Final Opinion: If you're not busy eating a package of the latest limited flavor or smoothing over your emotions with Mega Stuf, then these are totally the way to go. They're close to the original, but fatter and with a delicious twist.


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