Cotton Candy Oreos

Confession Time: I've made entire meals out of cotton my late 20's. Whew, I feel better already, thank you for letting me get that off my chest. With that being said, I obviously love me some cotton candy. There are few tastes that take me back to my childhood, but this is definitely one of them. Growing up in the Midwest summers are the time for county fairs. I spent many of my summer days at the fair, smelling and eating the sugary confection. I have high hopes for this cookie...Nabisco, do not let me down!

Taste Test:

Initial Smell: These smell like a regular ol' Oreo, maybe just a bit sweeter. Definitely not like the punch you in the face smell when you first open the bag of cotton candy. This makes gives me a sad.

Whole Cookie: At first you're chewing like "did I just try an original Oreo? There is no cotton candy all" Then you keep chewing and waiting for this massive flavor explosion. Then you close your eyes hoping that this will zero in on taste and said explosion will occur. Moments later you do get a tiny flavor tremor...but no taste-bud earthquake. 

One cookie half removed: I was just sitting here with my eyes closed and chewing a cookie with that look of deep prayer, "please, Oreo God's, give me some cotton candy flavors". The flavor was a bit stronger than the whole cookie...but still left me half wondering if I thought about cotton candy so hard that I tricked my brain into tasting it...

Creme Only: Funny story time! I got so flustered with the half cookie test results that I took one cookie off and handed the rest to my diabetic boyfriend. "Try this. I need to know if you taste cotton candy..." I refused to believe that there really wasn't any cotton candy flavor. My instructions were not clear and he ate the creme only. "Oh god! That's cotton candy alright!" I smiled and explained that he was a test ahead of me, but this gave me new hope for the creme only test. I still haven't tried, here goes nothing...CALL OFF THE SEARCH! I HAVE FOUND THE COTTON CANDY! Those cookies literally knock all of the cotton candy right out of the cookie sammich. Shame on you, bully cookies!

Overall: If you're not a cotton candy fanatic, take off one half of the cookie. But if you want to feel like you're sinking your teeth into a bag of cotton candy, minus the sticky fingers, then eat the creme only. 


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